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Welcome to Anointed Creative Designs, where it's all about bringing out the best you, in HIM. We are so glad you have chosen to be marked by God's seal, through our designs.

Mission: The purpose of Anointed Creative Designs is to clothe people in apparel that will ignite their faith to continue to trust God, no matter what; 

remembering who He is, what He's done and what He will do. 

Vision: Anointed Creative Designs strives to provide 

one-of-a-kind designs, setting the standard in Christian apparel.




 We have been FORGIVEN by God through Christ and have been accepted into the beloved! Check our newest 'Forgiven' shirt in bold GOLD!

The word 'Forgiven' in gold represents the Shekinah Glory or the presence of God and black of course represents us being dead in Christ.


From Conception to Birth...

'The Anointed Creative Designs' Story'

In 2005, God planted the name Anointed Creative Designs (ACD) in Stephanie Burke's heart and immediately she received a vision of what it was to be and its purpose in the earth. Though the vision burned in her heart, she didn't have faith to pursue it due to fear of the process... doing something she had never done, starting a business.

In 2014, Stephanie tried to put her faith to action, but quickly became overwhelmed just thinking about the work it would take to get ACD off the ground and put the vision on hold. In the process of waiting, Stephanie's faith grew to trust God to provide for what He showed her. 

In Summer 2016, Daryle Ballard and Patricia Kendricks' sowed into Stephanie's radio show, Kingdom Explosion and Daryle asked her what would she do with the seed. She told him about ACD and he agreed that would be a great idea. She had a final resolve in Fall 2016 to not let the vision God entrusted to her die on the inside of her, leaving her responsible for it being still born. She decided to step out on faith and this time, was the right time.

Stephanie began to take little steps towards the bigger picture by researching what it took to start a business, to make sure ACD would be legit because her desire is to leave a legacy in the earth for her children and her children's children (although she has no children yet, she's thinking of their future). Stephanie asked one of her students, Destiny Richardson, to help bring the design ideas God would show her, to life. Destiny was eager, on board and from there, they began to create.

Once Stephanie got business affairs in order, she took part of the financial seed and purchased her business license on February 22, 2017. There were still other business logistics and loose ends to bring everything together, however, from 2005 with the conception of Anointed Creative Designs until now, it has finally been birthed; To God Be The Glory!!  

Anointed Creative Designs' foundation is based on Isaiah 61:10, where we stand firm on His promise for our clients, "The design you're wearing has been created with you in mind; He has adorned you with words of liberty, therefore, walk in your freedom."

ACD will begin with t-shirts and rubber wristbands, however, will expand to more apparel items such as caps, long sleeve tees, sweat pants/shirts, hoodies, etc. for men, ladies and children. There are several designs on deck, so be on the look out for NEW ITEM alerts. All products are fairly priced, so feel free to purchase one for yourself, bless someone else or get some for your church/organization. We're here for you! 


I Am a FRIEND of God.

A friend sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).





We are a friend of God, He shares His secrets with His friends!




When we think back over our life at all the bad we did, He made right; we have been forgiven by God through Christ.

Purple Glow


If we are out of stock...

Please e-mail us with your name, phone number and the product you wanted to purchase so we can be sure to add you with our next order. We will give you a call before we restock to make sure you're still interested. We don't want to leave anyone out. Jesus will leave the 99 for one, so will we!


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