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We serve a SUPREME GOD who calls us friend (James 2:23). As His FRIENDS, we have been F•O•R•G•I•V•E•N (Psalm 32:1). We have so much to be THANKFUL for, TGBTG‼️


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  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you received the INCORRECT SIZE or INCORRECT PRODUCT a full refund will be given only when the incorrect product is returned. You may not receive a refund because you changed your mind after the item was purchased, there must be a flaw in the product item for you to receive a refund or exchange your item. 

    AGAIN SALES ARE FINAL. At the time the product is returned you have the choice to receive the correct item or your full refund. If you receive the incorrect product or there is a flaw in your product, we sincerly apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to resolve your unfortunate event as soon as possible.

    Please e-mail us in the event we need to heal a hiccup.